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• If any patient come for consultation at Charnock Hospital, Kolkata for the first time, he will need to complete a onetime registration. The initial patient record and all requested data require to be provided accurately.
• Thereafter a hospital file will be created and a UHID card (Unique Hospital Identification Card) will be issued to the patient.


• If you come for admission at Charnock Hospital under advise from your treating physician/ consulting doctor for medical treatment you or your representative needs to contact the front desk personnel to complete the admission formalities.
• At the front desk, an admission form, requiring necessary information, needs to be filled in order to register you as an inpatient. The admission form also includes a consent section below which is an approval from your end to the hospital to provide you medical treatment and care.
• In case of children below 12 years of age, the parents or guardian will be required to complete the admission form and the consent.

Payment / Deposit

• At the time of admission an initial amount has to be deposited, depending upon the room requirement and the nature of treatment which will be adjusted in your final bill. If you are a corporate (credit) patient you need to produce an authorization letter at the front desk. Patients who fail to produce the credit/authorization letter will be requested to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission, which will be refunded on producing the same.
• In case payment is to be made by an insurance company, the pre authorization letter needs to be produced at the front desk.
• If it is a planned admission, you are required to make the financial arrangement for the stay in the hospital prior to your hospitalization.
• During your stay in the hospital you will be given interim bills on a regular basis to keep you updated on your bill amount. Subsequent deposits will be intimated to you from time to time depending on your treatment. Please ensure that the amount is paid within 12 hours to avoid any inconvenience.
• Room tariffs are charged date-wise, per day basis..
• We accept payment in the form of cash/ Travelers cheque/ all major credit cards and DD drawn in favour of “ Charnock Hospitals Pvt. Ltd” . All payments must be made only at the billing department.
In case of any assistance regarding billing, please contact the billing department.

Consent Section

I ..................................................... do hereby give full consent knowingly for any diagnostic therapeutic or operative procedure to be performed on me/ my patient by the doctors/sisters or any medical personnel of Charnock Hospital. I have been explained, in a language that is clearly understood by me, the procedures to be performed on me/my patients in my full conscious state. I fully understand the result/risk of such procedures including any form of anaesthesia as deemed fit by the Doctors in this hospital. I shall not hold responsible the Hospital, Doctors and Staff of the hospital for any consequences arising out of hand in the course of such operations, administration of anaesthesia/ drug or any investigation/ treatment applied to myself/my patient. I agree to pay all bills as and when submitted for me/ my patient’s treatment and other charges.

I also agree to make the initial deposit and give my consent to the following:

1. Any deposit required to be made as and when demand on interim basis in addition to the initial deposit, will be adjusted in the final bill.
2. Any amount of deposit short due to emergency admission will be paid within 12 hours of admission.
3. Hospital will not be responsible for any loss of valuables belonging to the patient.
4. The patient and the guardian shall jointly and separately responsible for payment of all bills.
5. I understand the language of the consent form and I shall be responsible for payment.
6. I do hereby give my full consent to carry out test for HIV, HBsAg, HCV by Charnock Hospital , Interventional or Surgical Procedures on me/ my patient at Charnock Hospital.
7. I understand that till the concerned consultant comes to see me/ treat me or my patient, the Hospital doctors shall look after me/my patient.
8. For all surgical operation packages FULL ADVANCED DEPOSIT is mandatory.
9. Only two relatives will be allowed to visit their patients in Hospital Ward per day during visiting hours and only one relative will be allowed to visit in ICU per day during visiting hours.
We hereby give consent to Charnock Hospital authorities for taking picture of my patient, considering “ Patient Safety”.

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