ORTHOPAEDICS deals with the treatment and care of injuries and disorders of the skeletal system. This includes bones and muscles, ligaments, nerves of limbs, as well as the spine.

Treaments :

Joint Replacement Complex Trauma :

Joint Replacement Surgery -

• Total Knee and Hip Replacement
• Revision Replacement
• Computer-Navigated Replacement
• Patient-specific replacement-3D Printing
• Partial Knee Replacement

Complex Trauma -

• Advanced fixation techniques for complex and neglected trauma, fracture
• Vascular and soft tissue repair
• Pelvic and Acetabular trauma

Spine Surgery :

• Fractures/ dislocation spine
• Low back pain
• Infections
• Deformity correction
• Minimally invasive stabilization

Arthroscopic Surgery :

• Knee
• Ligament reconstruction/ repair
• Meniscal injuries
• Cartilage reconstruction